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About Us

The Trinity Teaching School Alliance (TTSA) is an established School Direct provider and we have trained more than 70 good or outstanding teachers over the past two years.

Our provision is growing, and we are now partnered with a wide range of schools throughout the region. We have a reputation for accepting and training teachers of the highest quality, supporting our employment success rates.

Some of our partner schools:
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We have trained more than 70 good or outstanding teachers over the past two years

School Direct is fantastic way to train to teach. You will of course be looking at a range of options for your provider, and some of the unique aspects of our programme include:

  • Dedicated Primary and Secondary Programme Leads. As qualified teachers themselves, our leads not only deliver a unique programme but are there to support you during every step of your journey – including in securing employment.

  • Employment success. Our support goes beyond ensuring you are qualified. By April 2017, over 85% of our trainees from our 2016/17 training cohort had secured employment – ahead of course completion.
  • A school based approach with an alternative second placement. You will be fully immersed in the culture of your school, and be able to take ownership of teaching classes. A second placement provides an alternative experience and allows you to build new networks.
  • Delivered by outstanding practitioners. Our programme brings together a wide range of experts including teachers who are outstanding – allowing you to learn from the very best.
  • The lead school in the TTSA, Trinity Academy Halifax, is outstanding, and our higher education provider, the University of Huddersfield, has been ranked in the top five in the Guardian Guide for Education. Their School of Education and Professional Development is a Centre for Excellence in Teacher Training – one of only ten in the UK
  • Support every step of the way. Whether you need school experience, or find one part of your journey particularly challenging, we are here to help. Our training includes not only the practical and theoretical knowledge, but also core attributes such as resilience – key to ensuring that you can become an outstanding teacher.
  • Help with the Professional Skills Test. We run workshops to support you to pass the required numeracy and literacy tests.
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