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Application advice

All applications for the programme are made via UCAS. However, you may find the top tips and information below helpful. Please note that we are always happy to provide advice and support to help you complete the application form. Simply contact us and we can advise.

To be taken to the UCAS application portal please click here You will need to select ‘postgraduate’ from the drop down menu and locate the Trinity Teaching School Alliance within the list of providers.

Tips for completing your personal statement

This section is about showing your reasons for wanting to teach, and showcasing your relevant experience such as teaching and visits to schools. Some top tips include:

  • Make every word count. You can enter up to 47 lines of text, around a page of A4 – which isn’t much! This includes spaces and blank lines. Remember to use all the space you are allowed, and check that there are no hidden formatting features taking up space e.g. a line space or bullet point.
  • Ensure you use good English. Keep your statement fresh, lively and different to put yourself ahead of the crowd. Be clear and concise, and ensure you proofread and spell check your statement before submission.

  • Structure your statement. Keep your language positive and enthusiastic, and ensure your opening paragraph grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Ask a friend to check your statement. A second opinion can really help.

Content tips

Your content is crucial, and ensures that you will be shortlisted for interview. Some ideas include:

  • Content that focuses upon your reasons for teaching. Make sure you convey your enthusiasm, and be honest in your reasons for wanting to teach. Interviewers want to hear why you are inspired – was it teacher in childhood? Working with teachers as an adult? What will you bring to children?
  • Demonstrate your skills. You must ensure that you include examples of your skills and how you have demonstrated these. Why might you be better than other applicants? How have your experiences in the classroom strengthened your skills as an effective teacher?
  • Don’t forget about the strength of your personal skills. Interviewers are interested in your wider personal skills relating to teaching – and not all your evidence needs to come from the world of teaching. For example, have you had experiences that have demonstrated determination and resilience? Ensure you demonstrate your ability to meet the personal qualities required.
“We are always happy to provide advice and support to help you complete the application”

Showing why you are right for the placement

Make sure your application demonstrates why you are right for the position being applied for. Along with demonstrating your passion for the role or subject you will also need to show:

  • That you have researched why the TTSA is the right provider for you, and that you are up-to-date on educational issues.
  • Why and how your degree is relevant, and how you will address any gaps in subject knowledge.
  • Your commitment to the Key Stage you want to teach, and why you have this interest.
  • If you are a primary applicant, then you must demonstrate knowledge of Maths, Science and English.

Selling your teaching and experience and what you have learnt

Experience is not essential, however we encourage it. If you have arranged some work experience but haven’t completed it yet, make sure you mention this. Some ways to do this include:

  • Keeping a log book of your experience, and sharing what you learnt. This could include reflecting on what went well, and what you may do differently in your own classroom.
  • Talking about what you learnt about your own teaching style, and areas you would like to address.
  • Don’t forget that other leadership roles working with children e.g. with Scouts can also provide valuable evidence of your ability to understand and engage with young people.

  • In your work experience section, include all roles. Ensure it reflects how your experience is relevant to teaching and the skills you will need. Even if you did not work with children, there are always aspects of relevance such as teamwork and working well under pressure.
Application criteria