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Hear advice from our current trainees

Aaron Waterworth

Aaron Waterworth, 2017/18 History trainee

Aaron is expected to complete the programme in June 2018 as a Secondary History teacher.

“The opportunity to help change a student’s life and encourage a love of learning was too good to pass up. I’ve wanted to teach for as long as I can remember and part of it was inspired by my own teachers when I was in school that made learning engaging and fun! I just hope I too can inspire the next generation too. The TTSA’s opportunities for a school based approach to teacher training really appealed to me.

Since graduating with a History and Politics degree back in 2013 I have been working in education. I started as a Learning Assistant but for the last year and a half I have been working as a Cover Supervisor. This has given me a really helpful insight into different aspects of the classroom and a fantastic opportunity to observe the different teaching techniques of some truly brilliant teachers.

Starting something new especially if you’re leaving something you’ve done for a while can be daunting for anyone but nothing great is ever achieved by standing still. Being nervous or worried just means you’re about to start something important that you care about! Throw everything into it and be open to help from others and you’ll do fine.”

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“Throw yourself into the whole experience. Embrace every scary yet exciting step”
Danielle Westney
Tyler Buckley

Danielle Westney, 2017/18 primary trainee

Danielle is expected to complete the programme in June 2018 as a Primary teacher.

I knew when I began working in a nursery three years ago that working with children was absolutely the career for me! After I finished studying Business and Management at Leeds Beckett University (LBU) I began to look for courses and did some research about the different ways to get into teaching. I came across the TTSA and knew it offered exactly what I was looking for. The School Direct option was initially what stood out as I knew I wanted to be in a placement school as soon as possible. Secondly, after I attended an open evening, it was clear that TTSA were extremely supportive of their students which is very important to me. They offered a much smaller cohort compared with other universities and alliances which really made a difference after coming from a cohort of over five hundred at LBU.

I know making the commitment to teacher training can be difficult especially considering taking time out of paid employment. However I think it’s a small price to pay when you consider the benefits of having a challenging and fulfilling career that you love. I can’t wait to begin the course, meet everybody and get into my placement school!”

Tyler Buckley, 2017/18 primary trainee

Tyler is expected to complete the programme in June 2018 as a Primary teacher.

I love the magic and inquisitive nature that children have and I want to help in being responsible for nurturing this. Since graduating from my Music Degree in 2014 I have worked between two unfulfilling jobs which served their purpose as a ‘stop gap’. Ultimately bringing me to the point where I had to question myself, stop being scared and ask what I really wanted out of life. How important was the feeling of my own self-worth? How did I really want to be remembered by my friends and family?

I couldn’t be happier to be working with the TTSA for my journey into the world of teaching. I attended one of the roadshows that was held in Manchester and TTSA stood out to me. Olly (the Primary Programme Lead) was bright, bubbly, approachable and instantly supportive; and this didn’t stop here. The interview stage, which I went into a nervous wreck, I came away from feeling like I could have taken on the world. I believe this was down to the safe and comfortable atmosphere which had been created. Something I aim and wish to create for my students. The support provided by the team at TTSA goes beyond what is expected; you feel secure in the knowledge you all share the same vocation.

The advice I would give to anyone considering getting into teaching is to throw yourself into the whole experience. Embrace every scary yet exciting step.  I am looking forward to becoming integrated within a school, becoming fully involved with the ins and outs of day to day school life. Meeting people I can learn from, challenging myself and most importantly working with our next generation.

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