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Financial support

There are two School Direct routes:

School Direct – Tuition fee

The tuition fees for the programme are £9000. These fees are paid to Huddersfield University in three installments across the academic year.

There are a number of different funding options available to support you with these payments. You could apply for a student loan to support your payments through Student Finance. You may be eligible for a tax free bursary or scholarship to support your training. These funding streams are dependent on the phase and subject in which you are training. Full details regarding bursaries and scholarships can be found here.

School Direct – Salaried

The School Direct salaried route is a Government funded programme that aims to encourage high-quality applicants to join the profession in subjects that may have a shortfall in recruitment. The TTSA is currently taking applications for salaried School Direct places in:

  • Maths

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

As a salaried trainee, you can expect to earn a salary of up to £25,000 during your training year, plus there are attractive Government bursaries in some subjects and for first class degree holders. Criteria and funding arrangements can vary based on the subject and classification of your degree, and we suggest that you contact us to get the most up-to-date advice about funding arrangements and the salary paid.

Important information about salaried places

The salaried route is designed to bring high-quality applicants into subjects that find it more difficult to recruit. Therefore, there are some national criteria attached. As well as being a degree holder, these include a minimum of three years’ relevant work experience. This can include working in a school in a learning support role, but also more generic relevant experience such as working in accountancy for a maths salaried position. The criteria of experience is relatively broad, and it is best to speak to us so that we can advise.

It is also important to note that if you feel you are missing subject specific knowledge, or need to boost this because it is a number of years since you have completed your degree, then a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course can help.

The TTSA is happy to help and advise – please do contact us for a chat so that we can support you.

Speak to us so that we can advise on the application process

Case study: applying for a salaried place

Jess Axton is a current salaried trainee. Here she reveals more about being a ‘career changer’. Jess has taken advantage of the TTSA’s ability to organise work experience.

“I am training to teach secondary maths as a salaried trainee. I have always enjoyed numbers, patterns and logic puzzles and feel maths is the subject for me. I am ‘career changer,’ having already started one career and spent five years at university. The fact that School Direct is ‘on the job’ learning and that you can get involved from day one really appealed to me.

I left a position as a primary school Maths Teaching Assistant to train to teach. This has given me the opportunity to be part of a teaching team and to begin taking some lesson in a school environment. Prior to this I was a trained doctor and worked as a junior doctor in hospitals.

However, I was not happy working as a doctor, and although leaving a career might be daunting, I believe you should do what makes you happy. I wanted a job that is inspiring, where you continue to learn, and one in which you can give back to a community. One piece of advice I would give is to undertake some work experience. This is an important part of ensuring that you definitely know that teaching is the career for you.

I am looking forward to getting started, getting involved and trying new ideas and lessons in a classroom environment.”