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PAID Maths & Physics Internship 2018

We believe that our offer is unique in that it is led by dedicated Primary and Secondary Programme Leads. Both of our leads are established, experienced teachers and leaders who have vast personal experience of education. This makes them ideally placed to not only train and mentor our trainees, but also support them during the challenging train to teach journey. If you want to hear more about the experiences of our trainees in being supported by our leads, take a look at our case studies.

Thinking about a career in teaching Maths or Physics?

The Internship Programme

The programme consists of a 4-week internship in June /July 2018 (after exams). You will be paid £1200 to work with young people in excellent schools to deliver maths and/or Physics projects, provide tutoring and learn the art of teaching. You will receive training and develop your communication and presentation skills that will serve you well in teaching. If you develop are interested in a career in teaching you will be assigned a careers advisor who will support you in applying for scholarships and bursaries of up to £30k tax free to train as a teacher and we will guarantee you an interview to train as a teacher.

To take part you will need good A-Level grades in Maths (and Physics if you want to teach Physics) and will be in your penultimate year of an undergraduate degree course in Mathematics, Physics, engineering or a related subject.

If you are interested please complete our expression of interest form and we will be in touch shortly.

Please contact Sue Marsh if you have any specific queries.

More information

The programme gives you the opportunity to work with Trinity Teaching School Alliance and the secondary schools we work with across West Yorkshire on a 4-week course exploring the STEM subjects with outstanding practitioners. You will explore the theory behind teaching, observe teaching within STEM subjects, and understand pedagogical strategies with the end goal of teaching a lesson.

Opportunities are also available within post 16 and primary as well as other options if an interest is shown.

We will keep in touch with all students to offer support in their final year but also if they wish to pursue a career in teaching, they will be guaranteed an interview for a place on our School Direct teacher training programme.

Please contact Sue Marsh if you have any specific queries.