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Professional Skills Test

The professional skills test is a requirement for all School Direct trainees, who must successfully complete this before commencing the programme. As an alliance, we appreciate that this may be a daunting prospect for trainees, particularly when it may have been a number of years since exams or tests were completed.

The test has two strands; literacy and numeracy. The test checks that those training to teach have the skills needed in these areas. Passing the test is required to commence the School Direct programme.

The TTSA has developed two bespoke workshops to support trainees who want to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge needed to complete the test; one covering numeracy and one covering literacy. The workshops cover the content of the test, and the core knowledge required. As well as providing a useful refresher, the small groups mean that workshop leaders can dedicate time and support to candidates with particular areas of need.

Each workshop is priced at £40, and trainees can book topics according to their needs. However, this fee is refundable if delegates apply for a School Direct place with the TTSA and make the alliance their first choice provider, and accept a place (should one be offered). Those who have already applied for or accepted a place with the TTSA earlier in the year will be advised of these workshops as part of our ongoing communication.

It does not matter where in the School Direct application cycle you are – whether you want to understand more about the test before applying for a place, are currently in the interview process or have accepted a place and are getting ready to complete your test, then these sessions will help.

Dates, sessions and locations

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