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Programme Leads

We believe that our offer is unique in that it is led by dedicated Primary and Secondary Programme Leads. Both of our leads are established, experienced teachers and leaders who have vast personal experience of education. This makes them ideally placed to not only train and mentor our trainees, but also support them during the challenging train to teach journey. If you want to hear more about the experiences of our trainees in being supported by our leads, take a look at our case studies.

Olly Cocker

Olly Cocker, Primary Programme Lead

Olly is an experienced primary teacher, and over recent years has honed her mentoring and skills. Prior to taking up the position at the TTSA, Olly developed and delivered a wide range of support programmes, and has extensive support of ensuring that teachers are on the journey to outstanding. She is responsible for observing all primary trainees during their journey and providing feedback, and writes and delivers the essential knowledge and skills training.

Sue Marsh

Sue Marsh, Secondary Programme Lead

Sue is an experienced secondary school teacher who specialises in textiles and D&T subjects. She has a held a range of positions including Head of 6th Form and Head of Department. She took on the move to Programme Lead two years ago after delivering subject specialist training and mentoring trainees.

Come & say hello
If you would like to meet Sue and Olly come and say hello at one of our events.